What are the best practices for tipping dog groomers
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What are the best practices for tipping dog groomers

Grooming your canine friend at home is fine, but sometimes you need the assistance of a professional groomer for some of the more delicate parts of grooming.

Grooming your canine friend at home is fine, but sometimes you need the assistance of a professional groomer for some of the more delicate parts of grooming. Dog groomers are professionals who know the best ways to detangle hair, trim nails, and make your furry friend look like a complete movie star. The appreciation you have for the groomer may be enough for you to consider tipping them.

However, most dog owners aren’t sure if they should even tip their groomers. After all, you're already paying them for their services, which can be pretty expensive depending on the services you requested for them to perform. Some people may see that payment as enough, while others may feel more generous and wish to give the groomer something extra. So, the question is should you tip your groomer?

Tip the dog groomer?

There's no rule or expectation that states you should tip your groomer. If you don't want to tip them, merely hand over the agreed amount and move on. In fact, most dog groomers are not expecting to receive a tip from their customers or are unaware of that being a possible option. 

Since the services are already quite pricey, some dog groomers may prefer the tipping process since most people may have the monetary needs to pay the bill while adding tipping on top of that. So, there’s no need to feel obligated when it comes to potentially tipping your dog groomer. 

However, tipping your dog groomer allows you to not only build rapport with them but show that you appreciate their hard work. Some of these groomers may only receive around 40 to 50 percent commission and not the full price you are paying them. Keep in mind that these dog groomers conduct tasks that most dog owners won’t or can’t perform by themselves. 

Why should you tip your groomer?

Dog grooming is a physically demanding career and is conducted by people who genuinely care about dogs. Plus, they tend to have the best patience when dealing with various breeds of dogs daily. Not every dog they groom is willing to cooperate with the grooming session and tends to become unpredictable. 

Here are several other reasons why you should tip your dog groomer.

They’re conducting a service for you

Tipping has become a common practice when it comes to jobs that have people performing a specific service for you. For example, most people will tip the taxi drivers, hairdressers, bartenders, baristas, waiters, golf caddies, and so forth. 

These dog groomers are conducting a service for you and your dog. If you’ve done some basic grooming sessions before, you have enough of an understanding of how unpleasant this job can be, especially when it comes to some of the more delicate parts, such as expressing the dog’s anal glands. You also need to consider that some of these dogs they deal with frequently have a nasty temper or are in their senior years. While your dog may act friendly and cuddly with you, that’s no guarantee it will extend to strangers, such as dog groomers. 

Thus, consider tipping your dog groomer for conducting these services you weren’t able to follow through with yourself. 

Professional Dog Groomers

Dog groomers are known for being professional in their field of dog care. They’ve gone through school to acquire the skills needed to appropriately groom varying breeds of dogs. Some of these groomers may even operate their own business and have established their personal business goals.

It’s important to recognize these individuals as professionals and appreciate the hard work they have placed to make it so far in this line of work. Therefore, you should consider giving them a small tip as a sign of recognition. 

Deal with fussy customers

The groomer you’ve picked to perform this task may be someone you hold to the highest possible value. The job they perform may be considered excellent in your eyes, but when you work in a service industry, not every person may agree with that assumption. People in this line of work have to deal with individuals who are mean and fussy. Working in the service industry is an exhausting experience, and there are times when they likely want to walk away from these jobs. 

Since professional groomers are willingly taking on this job, you should consider letting them know you appreciate their hard work. A tip serves as another way for you to thank them for putting themselves through these troublesome situations that happen when dealing with fussy customers. 

They genuinely enjoy grooming dogs

Dog groomers are the type of people who sincerely love being around dogs of all shapes and sizes. It’s one of the many reasons why they become a part of this industry. Sure they need to deal with some unpleasantness, but it's worth it for them. The way they treat your dog during these grooming sessions will show you just how much they enjoy being around these furry critters. 

If you’ve been presented with your dog looking pristine and smelling well, that is a good indicator of how skilled they are at their job. Additionally, if your pup loves being around the dog groomer, that serves as a great way to know how they treat your dog during these sessions. For that reason, you should consider throwing a tip their way. After all, it offers them a better incentive to perform well and ensures your canine friend is always a priority. 

How much should you tip a dog groomer?

Deciding on the appropriate amount to tip your dog groomer is not an easy task. The best answer we can provide is to tip between 15% to 25%, similar to how you would tip the wait staff or delivery driver. That is most likely the best amount for most circumstances, and it is ideal to frequently adjust the tipping amount slightly based on the results you acquire from these grooming sessions. 

When the groomer presents your dog and shows that they did a decent enough job or if they took a bit longer than promised, maybe you can adjust your tipping percentage to the least amount. However, you may want to consider offering more if you notice that your dog has received the best-looking trim you’ve ever seen. 

You also need to take into account that your dog contributes to these grooming sessions. If your dog is making things challenging for the groomer, it’s likely ideal to give the groomer something extra for dealing with your rowdy pup. For example, if your dog takes a bite at their hands or pees on the groomer, that is likely worth throwing them some extra cash. 

If your dog is older or has health issues that may be extra difficult for the groomer, then you should consider tipping them a bit more. That also extends to particular breeds that require elaborate grooming sessions, such as poodles. If your canine pal requires an elaborate grooming session, it's probably best to give them an extra incentive. 

Plus, you need to consider the challenges you are presenting to the groomer when setting up a grooming session. Do you need the groomer to come in early or remain later than usual to accommodate your schedule?

The tip you provide them with will reflect on those situations. Just like when you present them with your dog covered in filth and mess, your dog groomer will go above and beyond to get your pup looking at its best. Something like that is probably worthy enough to earn them a bit of extra cash. 

If your groomer decides to throw some freebies your way, it's likely due to the goodwill you have developed with them. Keep in mind that you need to walk the fine line between showing the groomer gratitude for doing something quick and easy for free. That can be seen as an attempt to guilt you into giving them extra cash. 

How should you tip your dog groomer?

You need to ensure that your tips are going into the groomer's hand. The best way to pull that off is by placing the tip directly into the hands of the groomer. For example, if you take your dog to a salon, the person who groomed your dog is likely to bring them out to meet you. That’s the best time to hand over a tip. Just make sure you have the appropriate amount on hand to tip them with. 

Keep in mind that some business places prohibit their employees from accepting tips. So, make sure to ask them before handing over the tip. That way, you don’t place them in an uncomfortable situation. Mobile and house-call groomers are far easier to tip since they usually work for themselves. Some of them may even use apps of some sort that allows you to not only pay for the services but throw a tip their way. 

Of course, you don’t need to offer up a tip every time you apply for a grooming session, especially if you are scheduling the same person. Instead, consider tipping them every once in a while, perhaps whenever you request a heftier service than usual. 


As rewarding as dog grooming is, not every groomer is going t be earning a lot of money. Tipping services is a way to not only help them keep afloat but also show that you appreciate the hard work they put into sprucing up your dog. Again, it’s not necessary to tip your dog groomer, but it is appreciated. It all comes down to whether or not you wish to tip them, and if so, how much you are willing to give them. If you are looking for a place to hire a dog groomer, check out our app today

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