What are the list of services a dog groomer can offer?
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What are the list of services a dog groomer can offer?

When it comes to grooming your dog, there is a lot more going on than bathing your dog. Dog grooming is a broad term that encompasses all aspects of your canine pal hygiene. The services included in a dog grooming business can vary based on several factors.

When it comes to grooming your dog, there is a lot more going on than bathing your dog. Dog grooming is a broad term that encompasses all aspects of your canine pal hygiene. The services included in a dog grooming business can vary based on several factors.

First off, you need to decide what type of grooming your dog needs and what you're willing to pay for. Unless your dog is rolling in mud puddles, your furry friend will likely only require a shampoo bath to get the dirt off them. The best indicator for this is if they start to smell bad or track mud into your house. Some dogs, such as shepherds, tend to have thick coats that can become tangled and matted without constant care. Professional dog groomers can seamlessly deftly blow dry a dog’s hair after the completion of a bath, so it’s all glossy and smooth. 

Secondly, you need to choose a groomer that has the services you need. Not every groomer provides similar services or prices, for that matter. You’ll need to check their website or get in contact with them to see what kind of grooming options they are offering from their service. Dog grooming can include services such as brushing, tooth brushing, ear cleaning, and more. All of these services are crucial for the overall health of your buddy. 

With that said, let’s dive deeper and go over the various types of services a dog groomer will offer you.


Bathing services are the most common one you’ll see on any groomer's list since dog owners frequently call for them to remove the dirt and stank that has accumulated on the pup. Since dogs require a healthy amount of time to run around outside to release energy and exercise, it’s not too surprising that bathing is a typical service found on every list. Typically the groomer will use anti-flea and anti-tick shampoo when bathing your dog to eliminate or prevent any of these creatures from festering your pup’s coat. At times, the bathing option will be packed with hair brushing or trimming. 


Brushing is a typical grooming service you'll find on any groomers list since it's one commonly chosen by dog owners. The groomer will use the appropriate brushes for coat types to remove damaged and dead hair, enabling new hair growth for a healthier coat. During the brushing process, the groomer will take their time to detangle your dog's coat. Doing so will prevent it from becoming patted and causing painful pulls to the skin. The careful attention they provide in the brushing process distributes your dog’s natural oils and removes dead skin. 

Eye and ear cleaning

The eyes and ears cleaning is another service you can choose from their list of services. Since these are some very sensitive spots, most dog owners would hesitate to perform it, hence the reason why groomers offer it as an option. Dog’s tend to get the same gunk around their eyes just like we do, but they don’t have the luxury to wipe it away as we do. Dog groomers use a cotton ball or wipes to carefully clean away the gunk and tear stains gathered around the eyes. 

Ear cleaning is another option they provide. While dogs may not need it as much as humans do, they still need to remove earwax buildup every once in a while. Since the ears are sensitive areas, most owners will hesitate to do it themselves and preferably hire a dog groomer. 

Hair trimming

Hair trimming is one of the most popular services on a groomer listing, aside from the bathing option. Some dog owners enjoy getting their dog’s hair styled in some fashion, similar to how a person receives a stylish haircut. Others may only want to trim their dog’s hair in preparation for the coming summer. It helps them receive better air circulation, which will lessen the chances of your dog experiencing a heat stroke during the hot summer months. 

Of course, the experiences between groomers are all different, so you may have to shop around if you want one that is skilled enough to stylize your pup’s hair in the way you want it. 

Nail trimming

Trimming the nails of your dogs is crucial for their overall health. However, nail trimming is something that most dog owners are not skilled enough to perform themselves. So, they hire a groomer to do the nail trimming for them. Similar to a human nail, if your dog’s nail gets damaged or hurt, it could cause them pain. One possible cause for a dog’s pain is during the trimming process if not maintained frequently. Not only does cutting a dog’s nail too short cause them pain but leaving them to grow too long can be even more painful. 

Nevertheless, it should be noted that not every groomer out there offers this service. Some are not confident enough in their skills to nail the train of a dog, so you should ask them if this is an option on their service list. 

Teeth brushing

Like us, it is necessary to brush your dog’s teeth a few times a week. Brushing their teeth will remove any plaque and prevent tartar accumulation. Teeth brushing is an additional service you can expect to see, so not every professional grooming service will have it on their list. That said, it’s crucial that you deep clean your dog’s teeth for hygienic reasons. While you could do it yourself, it is best to have a professional perform this routine until your dog becomes more comfortable with getting its teeth clean frequently.

De-shedding treatments

Regardless of your dog's breed, they are likely shedding parts of their hair all over the place. It can be surprising for new dog owners to find out that their short-furred pup is not an exception when it comes to shedding. Dog's like Pugs, Dalmatians, and even Chihuahuas are known for shedding the most. It's one reason why so many dog groomers have included a de-shedding treatment as part of their services. 

De-shedding is a process that removes the hair from your dog’s undercoat, which may not be effectively removed during the brushing or combing process. The brushing process tends to only remove the hair and debris from the top layer of fur. Unless you enjoy having your house filled with hair, putting your dog through a de-shedding process is advisable. This service is usually packaged alongside others, such as bathing and trimming. 

Anal gland expression

Hiring a groomer to check your dog’s anal gland is possible, but it's not a common service among all groomers. Still, checking your dog’s anal gland is crucial to ensure their overall health, even if it is a bit unappealing for the most part. Anal glands serve as an essential function for dogs when it comes to socializing with other canines. If you’ve ever seen your dog sniff the behind of another dog, then you’ll know what we mean.

When dogs meet and sniff around each other's rear ends, the scent released by their glands offers them information about their hormonal status. By expressing their anal glands, a dog can leave behind their scent to stake claim over a particular territory, such as their home or backyard.

Unfortunately, some dogs are incapable of emptying their anal glands normally, which leads to discomfort and irritation. Hence the reason why you should consider getting your dog's anal gland checked. But not every professional groomer you hire will have it as part of their services, so you'll most likely have to take your dog to the vet if that's the case. 

Dematting treatments

Matting is a condition that occurs when your dog’s coat becomes densely tangled or knotted. It can be a very painful condition for dogs that has the potential to become a severe health issue if not treated. If left untreated, your dog may experience infections or skin irritation. Worst of all, it could hide away any other health issues or parasites. 

Mats can also hinder the airflow of your dog’s hair and can trap moisture, causing sores and irritation. Even the mildest case of matting can be painful for a dog, but for severe cases, matting can cut off the circulation of your dog’s skin and lead to hematomas. The severity of your dog’s mat could require them to go to a veterinarian for treatment. 

If you need to demat your dog, make sure the groomer you choose has the appropriate skills to handle such things. You don’t want to place your canine friend in the hands of someone who will likely cause them more pain than help. 


These are generally the type of services you’ll expect from a dog grooming service. Of course, some services that require them to perform delicate or unpleasant tasks may not be available on everyone’s offering. So, you’ll likely have to look for another groomer if that’s the case. 

Keep in mind that not every grooming service has similar prices. Additionally, most groomers will provide you with a package that presents multiple services at an affordable price. If you are looking for a groomer to spruce up your dog, check out our app to find a professional groomer near you. 

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