The pros and cons of hiring a mobile dog groomer
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The pros and cons of hiring a mobile dog groomer

For many decades, dog owners had to drive their dogs to see a professional groomer. In recent years, we have seen professional groomers take their business outside of a salon. These groomers have to take fate by their own hands and become their own bosses. Mobile groomers have become a growing interest for many dog owners. 

For many decades, dog owners had to drive their dogs to see a professional groomer. In recent years, we have seen professional groomers take their business outside of a salon. These groomers have to take fate by their own hands and become their own bosses. Mobile groomers have become a growing interest for many dog owners. 

A mobile dog groomer provides dog owners the convenience of getting their dog’s grooming done without needing to drive their dogs to the nearest salon and leaving them with strangers. 

The mobile dog grooming business has been a great boon for not only the professional groomers operating the business but dog owners as well. If you combine good marketing with a platform like ours, you can make some great side income as a dog groomer as well. Tons of people are too busy to take care of their canine friend grooming needs, so these mobile grooming services provide excellent convenience and a chance to pamper their dogs. 

Some dog owners even see it as a more comfortable option than having to travel to a grooming facility since the groomer comes to their house instead of through a van or onboard trailer. 

Of course, there are some downsides to hiring a mobile dog groomer. Some things may not be possible due to the limitation provided by using a vehicle. That could limit the types of services a professional mobile dog groomer can provide. That said, let’s go over some of the pros and cons of hiring a mobile dog groomer.

Pros of mobile grooming

Mobile grooming has several advantages compared to other forms of grooming services. These benefits are the reasons why mobile grooming has become so popular in recent years. Here are the pros of hiring a mobile groomer. 

Far more convenient

Mobile groomers are far more convenient for many dog owners. The professional groomer you hire is the one that comes to you during the scheduled date instead of the other way around. It also ensures that you don’t need to place any extra stress on your dog by trying to convince them to get into your vehicle and driving them to distant places that could increase their anxieties. Instead, they are in a safe environment they are familiar with and comfortable to stay in. 

Additionally, you also get to save up on spending money with gas or dealing with any traffic jams, which could occur if the salon is located in a busy area. The time a mobile groomer operates is also far different from a salon. 

Some mobile groomers may often offer early morning, late night, or weekend appointments that a traditional salon may not. 

It’s quicker

One of the more significant benefits of hiring a mobile dog grooming service is how quick the grooming time is compared to other alternatives. First off, you don't have to wait around for hours for your pet to finish its grooming session because there are fewer distractions, and the groomer can focus only on your canine friend. 

The breed of your dog also impacts how long a grooming session takes, so having a professional groomer who can solely focus on grooming your dog makes the session much quicker. 

No longer do they need to waste time answering calls or attending to other customers' queries on their services. The grooming session is all about your dog, and that’s all. It’s also excellent for any dogs that tend to feel anxious, are seniors, or rescue pets. Some even use high-velocity dryers that speed up the grooming process, which is another plus if your canine pal is experiencing de-shedding issues. 

Less stress on your dog

Unfortunately, several dogs tend to get overly stressed by various factors, such as going outside or dealing with strangers. Depending on their age, that stress could cause severe health issues or worsen their current condition. It’s one of the many reasons why dog owners can find the idea of taking their dog to a grooming salon to be a real hassle. 

They don’t want to place their furry friend under any undue stress but need the expertise of a groomer to take care of their dog’s needs. 

Aside from just cleaning them up, the groomer can check over the dog to see if they have any signs of health issues that the owner should be aware of. They also have the appropriate training to handle some of the more delicate of the grooming process, such as trimming nails. 

Fortunately, mobile groomers come to your house, which means that your dog can remain near an environment that they are used to, while salons are filled with strange smells and tons of noises. The other benefit is the fact that there are no other pets around them that they are not familiar with. That is crucial if your dog is on the aggressive side. Lastly, your dog won’t need to be placed inside a kennel because they won’t have to wait in line to get their grooming service. They are also set free the moment they finish being groomed. 

Choose the groomer

Another excellent thing about hiring a mobile dog groomer is that you can choose who gets to handle your dog. That can be beneficial because you can hire someone capable of handling a particular breed of dog. It also helps if you’ve got a dog that quickly becomes uncomfortable with being near new people. Your dog can also become accustomed to the groomer over time, making it easier for them to be groomed since they are already aware that the groomer is someone they can trust. 

Not only is it an excellent opportunity for your dog to get used to a new person, but it offers you the chance to get to know the groomer. You can ask them about their background and what process they undertake to groom your dog. It is always ideal to have a familiar face grooming your pooch instead of someone you’ve only just met. Keep in mind that there’s no guarantee your dog will get the same one as before. 

Both of you won’t miss each other

Dog owners don’t enjoy the idea of being separated from their dogs for longer than they would appreciate. Most people tend to treat their dogs as members of their family, so it would make sense why they would be reluctant to leave them somewhere else, even if it's at the hands of a professional who will take care of them. 

Mobile groomers enable dog owners the chance to remain near their dogs while they are being cleaned up. You can hang out nearby and check up on them every once in a while to see how your dog is doing. Some groomers may even give you the option to stay and watch the process too. So not only will you remain close to them, but get the chance to observe the groomer's skills. 

Cons of mobile grooming

As you can see, hiring a mobile groomer can provide you some excellent benefits. However, before you schedule a grooming session with a local mobile groomer, there are several downsides you should consider. Here are the cons of mobile grooming:


Hiring a mobile dog groomer can be a bit more expensive than taking them to the nearest grooming facility. First off, the groomer needs to travel to your location to fulfill their tasks, which involves bringing their whole equipment with them. While you may be saving up on gas by hiring a mobile groomer, they are the ones spending their expense on ensuring their vehicle is filled up with gas to get around. Don’t forget other expenses they need to deal with, such as maintenance of the van and insurance. Some mobile groomers may even add an hourly convenience fee, so you need to keep an eye on that.

Traveling issues

Another thing you need to consider is the travel time they experience. They are the ones driving through traffic and such to get to your location. That usually involves them hauling a trailer through a truck if they are not owners of a van suited for grooming. There is also the possibility of them experiencing problems with their vehicle, such as it breaking down in the middle of the road. It may end up in the shop for a lengthy amount of time, making it hard to get them to make an appearance for a while. 

Still, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem if you think about the convenience and other benefits it offers you. Make sure to compare the prices of a few different groomers to find one that meets your financial needs. 

Limited scheduling

Some mobile grooming services can only be hired during particular days of the week. That could be troublesome if you have a limited time slot yourself, and these days they are open don’t fit into your schedule. Another issue is that most of them tend to confine themselves to specific locations to keep their travel expenses low. If you live in the suburbs or a rural area, that could cause issues with getting a groomer to come and spruce up your canine pal. 

Even if you do manage to convince them to travel to your location, you may need to pay them more to come to you. That can be unfortunate for people who are unable to drive due to lack of transportation or health issues of their own. There is also the fact that some groomers limit the number of dogs they groom each week. Some may even decide to serve a limited number of clients. So finding one willing to open up their calendar can be challenging. 

Enclosed grooming area

Mobile groomers tend to have very confined spaces when it comes to grooming a dog. The room they have is limited and may not be suitable for larger dogs. It could be far more challenging for them to groom a larger breed, which may cause them to turn down the offer of grooming them. Keep in mind that mobile groomers have to haul a ton of equipment around to ensure they can perform their grooming services. The equipment tends to take up a lot of space, so they may not be able to accommodate your canine friend if they are a bigger breed. 

Since the space they have is limited, that means you won’t be able to stick around and monitor the process. Depending on how crowded the vehicle is, the groomer will more likely politely turn you away due to the lack of room. That can cause some dog owners to become anxious about leaving their dog with the groomer, especially if this is the first time they have hired the groomer. At most, you’ll be able to peek in through a window every once in a while.

Your location 

As mentioned before, the mobile groomer is traveling to your location so they can spruce your dog up and make them look their best. Since they provide their services from their vehicle, the groomer is going to need space for them to park. The issue is that most homes are on busy roads with barely any shoulder space or require four-wheel drive to get to. Those situations can impede a mobile groomer from providing their services at your location. 

Another problem comes from dealing with homeowners associations, condominiums, or gated communities. Most of them tend to have restrictions in place that would prohibit a groomer from parking their vans in front of your house. It’s best to check with your local rules and regulations before hiring a groomer and waste each other's time. 


Hiring a mobile groomer can be beneficial for the appropriate dog owner. Depending on your circumstance, hiring a mobile groomer may be an excellent option for you. Of course, you’ll need to keep some of the downsides we mentioned above. Even so, the benefits outweigh the downsides, so you’ll need to consider whether or not a mobile groomer meets your needs. 

If you are looking for a professional groomer near you, consider checking out our app. The groomers on our app have all been vetted and provide a top-quality service. 

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