Where can I find a list of local dog groomers?
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Where can I find a list of local dog groomers?

Your canine pal may be looking pretty rough right about now. There is a good chance they may need a good wash or even a haircut. The time has finally come for them to receive proper grooming. But you may not be confident enough to handle some of the delicate parts of the grooming process or even have time to give your dog a thorough cleaning. 

Your canine pal may be looking pretty rough right about now. There is a good chance they may need a good wash or even a haircut. The time has finally come for them to receive proper grooming. But you may not be confident enough to handle some of the delicate parts of the grooming process or even have time to give your dog a thorough cleaning. 

Fortunately, these days there are grooming services available for dog owners. You can quickly call one up and schedule a grooming appointment for your canine friend. If you are a new dog owner or just moved to a new area, you may not know where you can find a local dog groomer to spruce up your dog. Finding a groomer that can meet your dog's particular needs is vital to ensuring your dog can get suitably cleaned up. 

Since most dogs have their own specific needs when it comes to getting groomed, a groomer you reach out to may not have the set of skills needed to take care of your dog. 

That’s why it’s a good idea to have a list of local dog groomers on hand. Especially if your current dog groomer is moving away, you’ll need to find another that can replace them.

The question is, how can you find a list of local groomers in your area? What are some of the best ways to find groomers that meet your needs? 

For this post, we are going to provide you with some information on where you can find a list of local dog groomers.

Where to begin your search for a dog groomer

These days finding a local dog groomer in your area has become much easier thanks to the power of technology. If you are an owner of a device such as a smartphone or a computer, then you already have everything you need to look for a list of local groomers. 

There are tons of websites out there that provide you with a list of local groomers that you can call up and make an appointment with. 

While there are plenty of other alternatives aside from using the internet, it’s by far the easiest one available. Several online directories contain lists of dog groomers in your particular area. Here are some of the best online directories to look through for a dog groomer.


If you have ever looked up any local restaurants to eat at while traveling around or simply checking for something new in your area, then there is a good chance you used Yelp. Yelp is a platform that is accessible both through a website and mobile application. It allows users to search for any sort of local business they need from restaurants, cafes, clubs, book stores, nightclubs, and most importantly, pet groomers. 

The site enables users to leave behind reviews about the local businesses. Yelp has managed to create a system that trains small businesses to respond to reviews, which means any review you leave behind for the groomer has a chance of receiving a response. It also allows you the opportunity to see how other dog owners felt about the quality of work provided by a particular groomer. Yelp also allows users to post their working hours, so you’ll have an idea of when the best hours are to schedule an appointment with the groomer.


Remember those massive yellow tomes that used to be left on your front doorsteps or found on payphones when they were still a thing? If so, then you’ll remember YellowPages. 

With the rise of the internet and technology overtaking old mediums, YellowPages adapted to the coming digital age and moved its services online. It provides you a listing of every business around your area, and that includes any local dog groomers. Along with listings of local groomers, it permits groomers to post coupons to further entice any potential customer. If you want to see if any of the local groomers are offering these goodies, then it wouldn’t hurt to check out the dog grooming list on Yellow Pages. 

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau was created to help people discover and recommend businesses, brands, and charities they can trust. The consumer rating system helps people find a trusted business in their area. A dog groomer that has their listings on the BBB and being able to reference that accreditation on their website is a sign of trust for most consumers these days. 

Keep in mind that the Better Business Bureau was established to protect customers from fraudulent business or scammers. If you manage to find a pet groomer on the BBB, then they are likely to be legit with their services, which is crucial since there have been issues of unqualified groomers in the pet grooming industry.


Superpages is another excellent online director for you to check out. It has over 1,000,000+ businesses listed on its pages. Similar to other online directories on this list, the website enables business owners to provide basic information, reviews, photos, and links to their business website. It also allows business owners to provide coupons for their customers, so there is a decent chance you may find a pet grooming business offering one of these. 

Chamber of Commerce

Have you ever heard of the Chamber of Commerce?

The Chamber of Commerce is a network of local businesses within a specific niche or industry. The organization was established to help further the interest of businesses in the area or industries through the use of networking opportunities, advocacy, and other various means. The online website chamberofcommerce.com is an online version of your local Chamber of Commerce. Any professional dog groomer would do their best to get listed on this website, so check it out to see if you can find one near you. 

Search engines

Search engines are some of the best ways for you to find the answer to practically any question you have. Or, if you need to locate a specific business, search engines are usually some of the first places anyone will check. If you have ever used Google or Yahoo before, then you already have an idea of what a search engine is.

Plenty of these search engines provide users with the ability to search for local businesses in their area. By searching for a pet groomer on one of these search engines, you’ll be provided with a wide range of pet groomers in your area. Along with providing you with details needed to get in contact with them, it also offers a map that shows you where their business is located. 

Depending on what you're looking for, you may find a local pet grooming salon or a groomer that would gladly drive to your house. The websites also allow people to post reviews, so you’ll get to see what other dog owners have to say about these dog groomers and whether or not they should be avoided. 

Here are several search engines you can use to find a local dog groomer.

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Yandex
  • Ask.com

Finding a dog groomer with these tools is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is type in something like "dog grooming near me," "find a dog groomer," or " local dog groomers." Another method is to type in your city and state followed by "dog groomers." Your search engine will promptly find all of the available dog groomers in your area, along with the website (if they have one) phone and fax numbers. 

Social media platforms 

Social media has become one of the most popular ways for people to communicate with one another all over the world. It has offered people ways to communicate with not only friends and family members but with businesses as well. These days, business owners have taken social media as an excellent opportunity to market their business and remain in touch with their customers. Any savvy business owner will have established a social media presence to acquire more customers.

That works to your advantage since you’ll be able to find plenty of dog groomers selling their services on these social networking sites. These social media platforms also allow you to get an idea of how well they perform their job since other customers will leave comments about the service they received and even provide images and videos of the work.

Here are several social media platforms where you can find dog groomers.


Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms and has roughly 2.89 billion monthly active users, making it one of the most significant social networks in the world. Over the years of its existence, Facebook has included plenty of features that have ensured users continue to come back every month. 

One of the many things they have included is a small business platform that helps businesses of eerie size grow and create jobs. They have managed to get over 90 million businesses to list on their platform. Dog groomers are just one of the people that have managed to establish themselves on this platform. Facebook provides you with everything you need, from the groomer's contact information to their pricing. You can also see any updates they have made on their page concerning their business, such as if they are out on holiday or providing discounts.

Reviews are also common to see on these pages, with other customers leaving comments about their experience. You can even reach out to them through the live chat that is provided by Facebook if you wish to ask them any questions.


Instagram is another massively popular social media platform. While Instagram doesn’t provide similar features like Facebook, such as a director or reviews, there are ways to find a pet groomer near you. The platform enables users to perform location-based searches and discover businesses that are close by you and align with your interest. You can even rely on things like hashtags and filters to narrow down your dog grooming list. 

Another benefit you’ll receive from using Instagram to find a local dog groomer is the ability to see what others are saying about the groomer. People on Instagram enjoy sharing their experiences through photos and videos. That offers you an opportunity to see how well the dog groomer has performed on other dogs. The accounts of these businesses also have the website and some basic information on the bio part, so you can check out the best way to contact them. 

Ask around

Every time you see a well-groomed dog walk past you, it serves as an advertisement for the groomer who worked their magic. Another way you can acquire a list of local dog groomers is by talking to other dog owners or people who work with pets. If you know anyone else that is a proud owner of a dog themselves, ask them if they can reference any local dog groomers they have used in the past. It can be anyone you know, from your friends to family members, colleagues, or even the veterinarian. 

If you see a dog walking down the street with a style that you find delightful, stop the owner and ask them who groomed their canine pal. People are generally willing to talk about their pets, especially when it comes to their currently spruced-up look. You should also pay a visit to your city hall and look around for any brochures, newsletters, and other information about local businesses and independent groomers based near you. 


Our app is another place where you can find a list of local dog groomers. The app has managed to onboard over 1000+ professional groomers around the country. Pawsh was built to connect you with the best dog grooming professionals who come directly to your household or apartment. If you're looking for a groomer that can come to your place and provide a stress-free and convenient way to groom your pet, then our app is definitely for you. 


There are a wide variety of ways for you to discover a professional dog groomer in your local area. The advancement of technology has made it easier for pet owners to find a list of dog groomers that can clean up their canine pal. The challenging part comes with finding one that can meet your dog’s grooming needs. 

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