An in-depth guide on house call pet grooming
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An in-depth guide on house call pet grooming

Grooming your pet routinely brings in a lot of benefits aside from just improving your furry friend's appearance. Not only does grooming make your dog have an excellent fragrance, but by having your dog frequently groomed, you are making sure that no ticks are attaching themselves to them and improving their hygiene

Grooming your pet routinely brings in a lot of benefits aside from just improving your furry friend's appearance. Not only does grooming make your dog have an excellent fragrance, but by having your dog frequently groomed, you are making sure that no ticks are attaching themselves to them and improving their hygiene.

These grooming sessions are also crucial for checking if there are any early signs of skin and health issues.

Chances are, you have already been taking your dog to frequent grooming sessions at a local pet grooming center.

However, recent events have made it quite challenging for pet owners to reserve a time slot to get their dogs groomed. Plenty of people have been overly cautious due to the recent pandemic, and non-essential businesses are still closed in many places. That has caused pet grooming centers to keep their doors closed.

That means you can’t go out and get your canine companion the proper grooming they need to keep up their overall health. Sure, you could try grooming them yourself, but maybe you don’t have the necessary skills or confidence to handle some of the more delicate parts, such as trimming their nails. Or, you could be too busy working from home to help give your furry pal a more thorough cleaning since people these days are working from home.

Other reasons could include that it's too stressful for your dog to get inside your car, or maybe you want a personalized experience.

Regardless of the reason, there is a solution that has become popular in recent years. House call pet grooming has become a rising trend in the pet grooming industry, and it has become a bit of a favorite among pet owners.

In recent years, dog owners have decided to have their pets' groomed directly in their households. The need to take them to a salon is no longer needed with the rise of this type of service. It offers a convenience that many dog owners have come to appreciate, notably since it provides a new level of low-stress care.

It also ensures that your dog is not only groomed but that it is being done in a safe and comfortable environment familiar to them. It’s a fantastic option not just for anxious or older dogs but for any pet that is overstimulated by new surroundings.

With that said, you may consider calling a pet groomer to come over to your house and spruce up your canine pal. If that’s the case, let’s go over everything you need to know about house call pet grooming.

What is a house call pet grooming?

House call pet grooming is a type of mobile pet grooming since the groomer is always on the move, and they come to you. It’s a luxury service that offers pet grooming performed by a professional groomer who comes with their equipment and tools to your household to groom your dog in the comfort of your house.

Generally, they bring every piece of equipment they need to provide a top-quality grooming service, including a table set up in a convenient area and bathing your canine companion in the sink or bathtub, depending on your pet's size.

There are some concerns from dog owners about the potential mess that can occur from these grooming services, but for the most part, there is a small amount of mess that is easily contained and only requires quick cleaning.

What are the benefits of house call pet grooming?

House call pet grooming can offer you and your pup several benefits that will leave you wondering why you never tried this type of service before.

Here are some of the reasons why you should try out house-call pet grooming.

1. Stress-free environment

One of the many issues that a dog owner has to deal with when it comes to taking their dogs to grooming facilities is the stress they experience. Some dogs tend to get stressed out when it comes to getting them in or out of a car. Or they can get entirely stressed from leaving the house. Traveling to the salon, having to wait in a cage or crate, and being surrounded by loud noises can increase their stress levels.

Plus, they are going to deal with unfamiliar people when they arrive at the groomer. All of these factors play a significant role in increasing their anxiety and leading to a distressing experience for your canine pal.

However, when you choose to get the groomer to come to your household and spruce up your furry pal in your house, the experience is far better. Your dog is groomed right in an environment they are comfortable in.

Best of all, they don’t need to go through the process of being put into a cage. This setup means your home pet groomer can get their work done quicker, and your dog remains relaxed throughout the whole process.

2. Much safer

Elderly dogs usually require some extra care during their grooming process. As they get older, their health condition starts to get frailer, and many of them acquire chronic illnesses that need to be monitored closely.

For example, maybe your older dog is incapable of remaining standing for too long. If your dog is elderly or is immunocompromised in some way, being in an environment with other pets may place them through unnecessary risk.

House call pet grooming permits you to control every factor in your dog’s grooming environment. That means they won’t be surrounded by unfamiliar animals, and there is no chance of them acquiring some form of the disease from other pets.

Best of all, you ensure that their stress levels remain low since they are being groomed in a familiar environment they are comfortable with.

Furthermore, this allows your dog to receive the complete attention of the groomer, meaning less time that your pet needs to remain on the grooming table.

It also offers you an excellent opportunity to get to know the groomer and establish a relationship with them. Doing so allows you to talk to them about your pet's issues and request specific accommodations.

3. The environment

If your dog is one of the many pets that are sensitive to the whole grooming process, sometimes that excitement can mean a less successful grooming experience. That doesn’t mean just the distraction caused by being surrounded by other pets, but it could be as simple as putting them on the leash to go outside and get in the vehicle.

Skipping that whole process and having them groomed inside your home where the sounds, smells, and sights are all familiar to them. It also increases the chances of a better grooming experience for them.

Which could make future grooming attempts easier as they get comfortable with the process and groomer.

4. Transparency between you and the groomer

While it’s possible to meet with the groomer who is going to work on your dog at the salon, that won’t always be the case.

Sometimes they might be busy in the middle of grooming another pet or may have stepped out. Even then, the meeting between the both of you is short since they need to get started on their grooming.

However, a house call pet grooming enables you and your dog to have a personal experience with the groomer. Not only are you allowed to meet with the groomer, but you also get the benefit of working with your groomer through every aspect of your dog's personal health. You get a full view of their salon setup, what type of products they are using to groom your dog, you see the way they handle your canine friend through the whole process.

There are no closed doors to prevent you from watching what happens during your dog’s grooming appointment. Of course, plenty of home groomers will require that you give them some space so they can work in a safe environment with your dog. They want to prevent them from injuring themselves on the grooming tools when they are moving around in excitement from seeing their owners. You will still receive the benefit of knowing where your canine friend is being groomed. They are safely receiving the treatment you requested right near you. Of course, you may need to ask the groomer if it's okay for you to remain at a distance while they spruce up your pup. It’s the polite thing to do, and that way, you won’t distract both the groomer and your dog during the grooming.

5. Convenient

If you have a busy schedule due to work, it can be challenging to make enough time to get your dog groomed. Fortunately, most house call groomers tend to have a latch-key service. That means while you are away at work, you can have the groomer come right to your home, groom your dog, and clean up when they have finished afterward.

If you have a consistent busy schedule, you could even request the groomer to come at frequent intervals, so you don't have to think about scheduling them in the future. That means that every couple of weeks or a few months, your dog is undergoing a grooming session with

you needing to do much or inconveniently your daily schedule.

House call grooming is especially useful for those who live in high-density locations or apartment complexes where mobile grooming vans can't park their vans. These types of groomers tend to keep their setup as portable as possible so they can reach your apartment level without any hassle.

6. Choosing the right house call groomer

Plenty of dog owners tend to rely on professional grooming services to keep their canine pals looking at their best. Just like a human would struggle to find a person to cut or style their hair, finding someone that can handle your dog's grooming sessions may take time.

You may even go through several pet groomers before you find one that meets your criteria. Every pet grooming service is going to offer a different experience from the other, and it may not be possible for you to entirely evaluate if they are compatible or provide quality service to you and your pet has managed to work with them a few times.

Even so, there are still some things you should consider to help you narrow down a dog grooming service that suits your dog's needs. Making a list can help you lower the list of possibilities and focus on the few best choices.

That enables you to discover a groomer who you can try out when your dog needs to undergo a grooming session.

There are several aspects to dog grooming that can define what is and isn’t a good grooming service. Of course, this will all depend on the owner and their dog's preferences.

Not every groomer is going to have the skill to take care of every type of dog out there. Some may be better suited for small dogs, while others can handle the larger ones.

Furthermore, you want to ensure that the groomer you are calling to come over and groom your dog is licensed and certified. It’s required in most places for them to have these critical documents. It also indicates that they have gone through the proper channels and gained experience from other professionals in theircraft.

They should also have a clean set of equipment and have a positive attitude towards their jobs and the canines they are servicing.

If you need help with finding a groomer who is willing to make a house call for your dog, then you should consider checking out our app.

Here at Pawsh, we have created a platform that allows us to bring the pet grooming salon to your living room. Every pet groomer that is listed on our app is a trusted professional. They have the skills and experience to handle your dog's grooming care.


House call pet grooming has become essential in today’s world. Not many people are willing to go to salons and place their pets and family in danger.

House calls have become the choice for many dog owners and have provided a convenient way for both the dog and owner to get the care they need. If you are looking for any pet groomer in your area, use our handy app to find a professional near you.

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