What does house call grooming look like

What does house call grooming look like

House call grooming has become a growing trend among dog owners. Plenty of dog owners these days are too busy to take care of their canine friend's grooming, so they rely on the service of professional groomers to help spruce them up.

House call grooming has become a growing trend among dog owners. Plenty of dog owners these days are too busy to take care of their canine friend's grooming, so they rely on the service of professional groomers to help spruce them up. Fortunately, house call grooming services have become increasingly common among groomers, which has led to a broad number of professional groomers appearing on the market.

These grooming services are convenient for any dog owner. Aside from being a busy owner, it also helps people who may not have viable transportation to take their dog to the nearest salon. Or if your dog is experiencing health issues and can’t move around too much, then a house call grooming service is perfect for ensuring they don’t over-exert themselves. 

As a dog owner, you're more likely wondering how a house call grooming looks like. Is there anything you need to do on your end to prepare for this home grooming service? Can you watch your dog get groomed throughout the grooming process? Do you set up everything yourself for the groomer to wash your dog?

There are all valid questions to ask, and we are here to answer them for you. Let’s go over what you should know about how house call grooming looks like.

Search for a professional groomer

One of the first things you need to do is get in touch with a professional groomer near your location. If you were already going to a salon, there is a chance that they may have an option for home grooming services, so it won’t hurt to check with them. If that’s not the case, then you’ll have to look online to see what’s near you by using things like Yelp or Facebook.

However, if you want to have an easier time finding someone that meets your needs, consider trying out our app to find a professional near you. Our app has over 1000+ groomers that have all been vetted to groom your canine pal. The app shows all of the top groomers in your location and makes it easy for you to schedule an appointment. The pricing will vary depending on the groomer and services you decide for your pup's grooming process.

Once you have scheduled your appointment, we can go on to the next part of the house call the grooming process.

Talking to the groomer

Usually, when you have scheduled an appointment with a groomer, they will reach out to you to ask several questions concerning your dog. They will ask specific questions that will help them get to know your dog and find out if there are any special needs or concerns. That enables them to prepare and make the time as efficient as possible, so they can clean up your furry friend promptly. It also acts as an excellent opportunity for you to ask them any questions if you need clarification on whether they will proceed with sprucing up your furry pal.

Meeting the Groomer

When the day of the scheduled appointment comes, the groomer will know your door and introduce themselves to you and your dog. Your dog must meet the groomer first so they can get comfortable with them. Since it’s likely the first time they are meeting the groomer, it's best to do it while you are there so they can get used to the new individual. That’s especially helpful if your dog is the type to get easily anxious and stressed around new people. 

Helping your dog get used to the presence of the groomer will make it easier for them to groom your dog once they have finished setting up their equipment. While they are becoming acquainted with your dog, they will likely answer any questions you may have concerning the grooming or anything else you may want to know, such as if you could watch the grooming process or record it.

That also serves as an excellent opportunity to get to know the groomer you hired to see if you both can establish a relationship. It’s a good idea to get to know the person who’s going to be washing your dog, just to make sure they get along well with your canine pal. Once that is completed, you’ll want to show the groomer where they can start setting their equipment up.

Setting things up

These professional groomers tend to already have all of the necessary equipment they need to get the job done. You won’t need to purchase any equipment for them to use for the grooming process, simply give them the space they need to work their magic. The area you choose for them to work will depend on your dog and home living. For example, smaller dogs can easily be washed in a sink, while larger breeds will require the usage of a bathtub for them to receive a proper wash-up.

You need to ensure the area they are using to clean your dog is also well let and has a power outlet. The space should also have minimal amounts of distraction and, if possible, a few towels for them to use for the drying process. Try removing any items that may get in the way, so they can have the space they need to set up their tables and equipment. 

Generally, professional home groomers bring a table of their own, where they will perform other parts of the grooming process, such as trimming the nails. So you want to make sure that you have a space for them to set it up. If not, they may not be able to perform any other services you requested, such as haircuts. 

If you are concerned about the area getting dirty with dog hair and such, most professional groomers set up their grooming station in a way that guarantees the place doesn’t get filthy. Some groomers will set up a trash bag that effortlessly catches the hairs and easily allows them to throw away excess hair. That way, you will not have to worry about checking in and seeing a disaster, but makes it easier for the groomer to clean up afterward.

The grooming

When they have finished setting up their equipment, the groomer will get started on dispensing the services you requested for them to perform on your canine pal. First off, if you have chosen a bathing service, they will proceed to wash them down and apply shampoo on them. They will gently administer the shampoo and carefully ensure that it covers them in every individual area. 

Once that shampoo has been applied, they will start to use the moisturizer that will help improve your dog’s coat. When the moisturizer is employed, it will usually last a few minutes while the moisturizer settles into the coat of your dog. During this stage of the clean-up, the groomer will carefully look over your canine pal to see if there is anything to one of them, such as ticks or any other health concern they should let you know.  That way, you can take them to the vet to out what issue they may be experiencing. 

Drying them up

After the moisturizer is done settling in, they will proceed with rinsing the dog off one more time before preparing them for the drying process. Typically, groomers tend to bring a blow dryer for them to dry your canine friend. The first towel is used for drying them up from the water before settling them on the table for more thorough drying. The second towel is placed under them, so any excess moisture is caught during the drying. 

First, they proceed to attract a tool known as the concentration onto the blow dryer. That enables the blow dryer to increase the airflow pressure to concrete the air in one area. It’s used to dry up most of your canine's coat, but once the groomer gets to the head area, they will take it off. Throughout the activity, they will use a vent brush to accurately fluff your dog. Using a tool like this allows for maximum airflow and hits the dog's coat much more effectively, allowing them to decrease their air blowing time. 

Most dogs are not a fan of the drying part of the grooming session, so groomers tend to use a tool known as the groomer's helper. It is a device that allows them to keep the dog from running out of the table during the blow drying process. It’s similar to how you would leash your dog to something so they won’t run away, so it is entirely harmless to them. 

When the drying portion is completed, it’s time for any other service you may have requested, such as a haircut.


Here the groomer will start to cut your dog’s hair, usually using a hair buzzer to trim the dog down. If you are concerned about them leaving a mess behind during the process, most professionals set up a trash bag that allows them to clean up the hair and throw it away as they go along. The more delicate parts, such as the head area, will be trimmed with a pair of scissors instead of the hair buzzer. The scissors and groomers are specifically designed for dogs instead of human hair. 

Once they are done with the hair-cutting prices, the groomer will proceed to the next part of the service, such as the nail trimming. 

The cleanup

Once the groomer has finished grooming through the whole grooming process, they will start cleaning the area they used to spruce up your dog. Most groomers will clean up the place unless the client specifies that they’ll do it themselves. You won’t need to be overly concerned about having to clean any potential messes that are caused by the grooming service. 

While they are cleaning up, you can check out your newly cleaned dog and admire the quality work they have managed to provide for both of you. Take pictures and show them off to everyone you know on your social media account. If the groomer managed to perform in a way you find appealing, then you could consider calling them the next time you need to give your dog a proper clean-up. Throw a referral their way to while you are at it. That way, everyone else knows who was the one that managed to make your canine pal look fantastic.

Additional stuff

Some groomers may allow you to observe the grooming process depending on circumstances, such as if there is enough room for you to be there and watch or if your dog is calm enough during the grooming process. Dog’s tend to get overly excited when they see their owners, so it may make the job harder on the groomer if your canine friend is constantly attempting to get your attention. If that is the case, it’s best to leave the room and let the groomer work their magic without adding a layer of extra distraction for them to deal with. 

If you do stick around to watch the grooming process, make sure to ask if it's okay to record and take pictures if you wish to do so. However, it’s probably best to wait until the groomer has finished rendering their services. Payment is usually performed through online applications these days, but you can opt to pay them physically fit you want, make sure to ask them how they take their money to make things easier on the both of you. 


A house call grooming is pretty simple and doesn’t require much leg work on your part. If anything, the groomer is going to be dealing with some of the more challenging parts. All you need to do is sit back and wait for them to finish making your pup look their best. With everything finally done, the groomer will leave your place once they are done packing their things and await your call for the next appointment. If you are interested and get in touch with a professional groomer, check out our app to find professionals near you. 

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