The top things that you need to know about home-based grooming services
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The top things that you need to know about home-based grooming services

Home grooming services are quickly becoming one of the best solutions for dog owners to get their canine pals all spruced up. During the previous year, COVID-19 forced the world to go into lockdown.

Home grooming services are quickly becoming one of the best solutions for dog owners to get their canine pals all spruced up. During the previous year, COVID-19 forced the world to go into lockdown.

During this lockdown, plenty of people adopted dogs in vast numbers. In fact, a large number of shelters were actually empty for the first time during the previous year. Due to this massive increase in pet adoption, pet businesses were one of the few industries to see a boost during the epidemic.

With the number of new dog owners appearing all over the country, home-based grooming services are one of the many parts of the pet industry that are becoming increasingly successful.

While most dog owners were grooming their pets during the previous year, most of them are soon returning to work at the office space. That causes them to have less time to take care of their dogs' needs.

Even those who are working from home are getting busier, with more working flowing their way due to businesses reopening again. With little time left on their hands to take their dogs to a traditional grooming service or even do it themselves, they are turning to alternative means.

Since convenience is becoming the name of the game for many dog owners with busy schedules, home-based grooming services are surging in popularity.

Home-based grooming services are excellent for dog owners who work full time and can’t take their pets to traditional groomers who are open during regular business hours.

It is also a reliable choice for dog owners who can’t drive or have no access to transportation. Best of all, home-based grooming services tend to be less stressful on your dogs. If you are one of the many dog owners considering the idea of scheduling an appointment with a home-based grooming service, here are some tips that you should know about it.

Budgeting time and money

As rewarding as it could be for you to groom your own dog, it can take up an ample amount of time to clean them up. Not to mention, having to clean up the aftermath in the bathroom is another pain to add to the list. Home-based grooming services offer convenience and will save you time. Instead of spending an hour bathing, drying, and trimming the nails yourself, you can solely call a groomer to come over to your home and have them spruce them up for you. That allows you to finish up your work while your canine pal is getting cleaned next door, easily enabling you to pop in and check over their work every once in a while.

As a dog owner, you may feel that the expense of hiring a professional groomer to come over and clean your furry friend may seem a bit extravagant. Your budget could be tight, and you may consider cleaning them up yourself a much cheaper alternative. However, home-based grooming services are very affordable these days.

Furthermore, placing your dog in the hands of a professional is worth the money. Usually, the prices for these services all depend on the size of your dog and the type of coat they have. When it comes to budgeting reasons, that’s not a recurring expense.

Based on your dog’s individual needs, plenty of them can go for months before requiring another appointment to clean them up.

Grooming skills and knowledge

Grooming your dog may seem like a simple process, but many dog owners will struggle in areas that don’t involve simply bathing them in the bathtub. There is also the fact that dogs are not exactly a fan of going through a grooming routine which can be challenging for most people first-time owners to handle.

Their dislike for getting bathed will cause them to act out of character and misbehave in an attempt to escape the dreaded bathtub.Some dogs will outright resist getting into a bathtub or try to jump at every chance they get. If this is something you have experienced with your dog, don't even think about being able to dry them.

Moreover, if your pet is not a fan of getting bathed, the size and strength are another factor in your capabilities to wash them.

Professional groomers already have the experience and knowledge on how to handle these types of dogs. They know how to keep them calm and gently guide them through the bathing process with little to no hassle.


Along with the challenging aspect of bathing them, trimming their nails can be traumatizing for some dogs as well.

Some breeds of dogs won’t permit their owners to touch their paws for fear of a painful and stressful trimming.

The act of trimming a dog’s nails requires patience that most people don't have, especially if they have other obligations they need to deal with and are hoping to get it over with. One terrible nail trimming experience can ruin your capabilities to trim your dog's nails forever.

Calling a home-based grooming service allows you to ensure that your dog is placed in the hands of a professional that knows what they are doing.

They will avoid the chances of harming or causing any permanent damage to your dog's nails. Since this process can be stressful on the dog, the groomer will be able to keep them calm throughout the process, ensuring that they remain still while they carefully trim their nails.


When it comes to grooming a dog, you need to have the right equipment on hand to ensure they receive the proper cleaning. Of course, it can be pricey for most dog owners to purchase each bit of equipment and tools they need to clean their dogs.

Plus, it requires appropriate knowledge and technical know-how to handle these tools properly and ensure you don’t hurt your dog in some fashion.

Professional groomers already have the necessary equipment and knowledge they need to make the experience for your pet much more enjoyable. Equipment such as grooming tables with leashes and professional drying methods enable them to appropriately groom your dog and keep them calm throughout the process.

These groomers come equipped with many products that are suitable for the breed of dog you have, such as those that are best for pups with sensitive skin. Moreover, they likely have specialized equipment that you may not have been aware of or even afford on your alright tight budget.

Pet grooming takes patience

Just like human beings, dogs can have all sorts of temperaments and backgrounds. For many dogs, the grooming process can be stressful and frightening. Dogs tend to cower in fear or attempt to defend themselves by becoming aggressive towards those around them.

Unfortunately, the ability to talk to a dog and explain to them that you are not attempting to harm them isn’t feasible. A person needs to be highly skilled at reading a dog’s body language if they wish to successfully groom them. They need to understand that they must remain patient and kind to calm the dog down and communicate that they care to get the job done.

First-time dog owners may not have this sort of patient to deal with their dog’s rowdiness when attempting to groom them. That’s one of the many reasons why calling a home-based grooming service can be beneficial for you.

Professional groomers are taught how to exude an inner calm, practice patients throughout the day, and connect with the dogs without needing to utter a word.

Dog’s have very sharp senses that enable them to pick up on the attitudes and temperament of others. That is why the best groomers tend to be skilled at keeping their cool when grooming them. Patient, stress-free dog groomers are always the best at getting the job done. As an owner of a dog, you’ll come to appreciate this essential skill whenever you need to spruce up your canine pal.

Different types of coats

It’s vital to become aware and knowledgeable about the appropriate grooming needs of your dog. Since your dog does require proper grooming every once in a while, it’s important to remember that the maintenance will differ from dog to dog. Similar to how everyone has a different hair texture, it’s vital to be aware of the fact that dogs have various coats from each other.

There are plenty of different coats, such as a long one found on a Yorkie or short ones found onPitbulls, and everything in between.

Mutts tend to require some extra care and be challenging for the untrained eye to know how their coat should be treated. Professional groomers can usually figure this out with techniques they have learned from grooming school. Usually, they’ll be able to tell by looking at it and feeling around the coat to know how they should proceed to groom it.

A dog’s coat is crucial since it helps them regulate their temperature and protects their skin from outside influences. It’s one reason why you need to be careful when taking care of it. If you are unsure how to groom your dog coat, it’s best to leave it in the hands of a professional who’s trained to know the best ways to groom.

Each coat type needs different amounts of oils and a different set of tools to groom them. This is why a home-based grooming service can be beneficial for dog owners who aren’t sure how to handle this delicate part of their dog’s grooming.

Health and anatomy

The health of your dog is going to be one of the most vital concerns. You want to ensure that your dog is always in good health and isn’t experiencing some sort of detrimental problem. One of the best ways to check if your dog has any visible signs of health issues is by checking their anatomy during the grooming process.

Of course, unless you have been trained to spot these problems, most of them may go unnoticed before it is too late.

By calling a home-based grooming service, you’ll be able to place your dog in the hands of a professional who knows what to look for when they are grooming them.

These check-up processes are part of the grooming service, so you won’t have to worry about paying any extra fees. The health issues they are looking for include parasites, skin irritation, and other apparent infections.

The groomer is required to report back to you if they have found any health issues that may need to be addressed by a visit to the veterinarian.

Plus, having some knowledge of a canine's anatomy is also beneficial since some particular cuts need to be made at designated anatomical points to be performed correctly.


One of the many issues a dog owner needs to concern themselves with grooming their dogs is the stress they may undergo from the process. Senior dogs cannot handle the stress that usually comes with going through a grooming process.

It can worsen many health conditions they are dealing with at their older age.

Home-based grooming services have the groomer come to your household instead of requiring you to travel to a local pet salon. Having a professional groomer come to your house ensures that your dog receives grooming in a place they are most comfortable with.

No longer do you need to worry about trying to load them into a car and drive to the salon. Plus, your canine friend won’t have to worry about being in a location that they are not used to with you being around to reassure them.

Home-based grooming services are all about having the groomers come to you, which ensures the whole process is stress-free for both you and your canine pal.


Home-based grooming services are beneficial for any dog owner out there. They provide the service you need for your pet regularly and ensure you have more time on your hands while they take care of your pup. If you are interested in looking for a home-based grooming service near you, check out our app to find a professional groomer near you.

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