What do you need to provide when hiring a mobile dog groomer?
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What do you need to provide when hiring a mobile dog groomer?

With everyone's lives becoming increasingly time-consuming with work rampant backup, it’s hard to take some time aside and give our canine friends their daily grooming routine. Some folks may not even have the time to take them to the nearest salon or even have the transportation to take their canine pal. That has led to people resorting to calling up mobile dog groomers. 

With everyone's lives becoming increasingly time-consuming with work rampant backup, it’s hard to take some time aside and give our canine friends their daily grooming routine. Some folks may not even have the time to take them to the nearest salon or even have the transportation to take their canine pal. That has led to people resorting to calling up mobile dog groomers. 

Mobile dog groomers have become quite popular amongst dog owners. Instead of going to the groomer, the dog owner can now have them come to their home and provide the best grooming service ever. With the convenience of mobile dog grooming, dog owners will now only have to worry about a few things when it comes to dealing with this type of service. Best of all, you are still receiving the quality you’d expect from a salon grooming service.

Fortunately, the benefits of mobile grooming enable the groomer to bring the majority of their equipment to your location, so you won’t have to worry about needing to provide them with much. However, there are still some things you need to provide so they can groom your dog with little hassle. 

That’s why for this post, we’ll be going over several things you need to provide when hiring a mobile dog grooming service.

Parking space

Mobile dog groomers typically drive to the location of the dog owner who has made an appointment to have their dog groomed. Generally, they are driving vans that contain all of the equipment needed to perform their task. 

Things like blow dryers, shampoos, scissors, and much more are all transported along with them in their vehicle. That is usually the reason why you tend to see mobile dog groomers drive around vans instead of something more compact. 

With that said, the mobile dog groomer you hire is going to need a place for them to park their vehicle. The place they park space that you provide them with needs to be spacious enough to park along with ensuring that they can remain on the stop for the duration of the grooming process. If they need to move to another spot every 20 minutes or so, that could not only prolong the grooming session but make your dog upset. It becomes an inconvenience for you and the groomer essentially. 

If they are forced to park in front of a parking meter, there is a good chance that you may need to provide the change they need to continue remaining on that spot. It’s probably best to try and find a place nearby where they won’t have to worry about dealing with a parking meter. If that is unavoidable, then you’ll need to dish out extra on your end.

Of course, this only applies to people who live in a crowded city and tend to have a hard time finding parking spaces in their neighborhood. If you live in a more open area like the suburbs, you likely have parking space in your driveway or sidewalk. If that’s the case, just make some room for them to park their van in that location. 

Before doing so, make sure to check the local laws and regulations concerning parking in your area. Some homeowner's associations may not permit parking for mobile dog groomers or other similar services. 

As for those who live in limited parking areas, it’s probably best to schedule a grooming session with either a salon or in-house groomer. While an in-home groomer will need a place to park, they don't rely on vans and will be able to carry their equipment up to your apartment building without too much hassle. Still, consider scheduling on a time and day that tends to have less parking space taken up for the groomer's convenience. Depending on the groomer, they may provide early morning grooming sessions, late-night or weekend grooming sessions that most traditional ones don’t offer. 


On arrival, the dog groomer you called over will take the time to evaluate your dog and discuss what your preference is. Doing so ensures that both you and your dog’s needs. They will, of course, ask you a series of questions that will help ensure they can provide the best possible services for you and your dog.  If there is a type of shampoo you want them to use or a particular hairstyle, then this best time to let them know.

If your dog needs flea and tick treatment or shampoo therapy, this is the best time to let the groomer know. If you're interested in a new haircut for your pup, you could always inform the groomer of a new style or ask them for advice on what kind of hairstyle would best suit your dog’s image. 

You also need to inform them of any potential medical issues that your dog may have, so they can be extra careful when grooming your dog. For example, senior dogs are more likely to be experiencing some type of physical ailment, so letting the groomer know about any particular pains or health issues should be done. 

Allergies are also another topic you want to bring up with the groomer. Some cleaning products may use chemicals that are not suitable for a dog’s skin and can irritate. If your canine pal is allergic to something, it’s best to inform them during this moment. If they don’t have any particular shampoo or conditioner that avoids the allergy problem, consider providing your shampoo instead. 

Aside from that, you’ll simply talk about the type of grooming you want your dog to have. Keep in mind that not every grooming service may offer the same services or even price range. Some groomers may offer to check the glans while others may not. If anything, you should probably check their site or reach out to them if you need anything specific before booking an appointment. That way, no issues occurred during this portion of the business transaction.

Hygienic items

As we’ve mentioned before, mobile groomers tend to bring their supplies with them to your location. Everything they need is packed away in their vans, from clippers, blow dryers, shampoos, and so forth. Most professional groomers will always have the equipment they need to ensure they can get the job done. Plus, some dog owners may request additional services during the information session between the groomer and dog owner. So, it's prudent to have everything prepared for these types of situations. 

Even with that being said, there is still only so much they can prepare on their end. The van has a limited amount of space, which means they can bring almost everything possible with them to their next appointment. That means if they have a client with a specific need, they’ll have a challenging time meeting them depending on the request. 

For example, if your dog has a skin condition and requires specialized shampoo and conditioner for the grooming processes, there is a chance the groomer may not have it on hand. While it is possible to let them know ahead of time, getting their hands on it may be tricky depending on what is being used to groom the pup.

Some owners also prefer using a specific type of shampoo, such as organic shampoo due to health-conscious reasons. While most groomers these days are becoming more health-conscious about the type of products they use for cleaning their client's canine pal, there is a chance they may not have some on hand or the brand you enjoy. If you insist that they should use a particular brand, it’s best to have it on hand for them. 

Again, there is a limit to how much they can carry with them, and most of the things they stock tend to be generalized. If you want something specific from the groomer, it’s best to ask them ahead of time or have it ready for them to use. 

Bathroom breaks

One thing you should ensure before handing your canine friend over to the groomer is taking them out to take care of their bodily functions. Grooming sessions can last for quite some time, depending on the services you have requested for the groomer to provide during the session. 

The length of the grooming session will usually vary depending on the size and breed of the dog being groomed. Small dogs can take between one to two hours at most, while larger dogs may take three to four hours. The amount of fur the groomer needs to go through, along with the attention and care they provide, can take a while 

Therefore, you should make sure your dog’s bathroom needs have all been done before the groomer arrives. That way, the grooming session won’t be interrupted halfway and ensures that the whole process goes smoothly. And, it will ensure that no sudden mistakes happen during the middle of the grooming session. Not only will it be embarrassing for you, but it will require the groomer to stop the session so they can clean up the mess caused by your furry friend. 

Peace and quiet

This might be a bit tricky to provide since it all depends on the area you are living in at the moment. One of the many reasons you may have hired a mobile grooming service is to keep your dog close to an area they are comfortable with, such as your household. While they will be cleaned in the groomer's van, they will still be close enough to their home and you. Yet, there may be some issues with that depending on your location and the time of day.

For example, let’s say there is construction happening close by your household. There is a good chance that all that noise could cause your canine pal to become uncomfortable with the whole situation. If you thought the loud noises of construction were annoying enough, imagine how your dog feels with their much superior sense of hearing. Plus, if they are the type to get easily stressed over these types of unknown noises, that will hamper the whole grooming process. 

While it’s true that you can’t do anything about the construction happening near your place, you are the one making the appointment. If you want your dog to get that grooming session, you need to find the best time when all of those loud noises quiet down. Again, some mobile groomers are willing to work during early mornings, late nights, and even weekends. So, you’ll have to investigate and see which of these times are suitable for the dog groomer to come over and spruce up your canine friend. 

Some dog owners also like to be there during the grooming sessions so they can see how the groomer operates. While most groomers are willing to accommodate such a thing, it is best not to take advantage of it all of the time. It’s understandable the first time since you want to ensure the groomer you hired is capable of taking care of your pup, but afterward, it’s best to give them the privacy to do their job. Additionally, it could also cause your dog to become excitable whenever they catch a glimpse of you, which will make the whole grooming process more challenging and time-consuming for the groomer. 

Depending on the type of van they are using to haul their services around, there may be enough windows strategically placed for you to peek in whenever you wish to. If that’s the case, ask them if that is possible and make sure to peek only through the windows they specifically ask you to. That way, you can avoid causing your dog to become overly excited while in the middle of the session. It wouldn’t cause severe problems if that were to happen while in the middle of grooming the delicate parts of your dog’s body, such as the nails. 


Mobile groomers are an excellent way to spruce up your dog without needing to leave your home. Mobile groomers tend to come fully equipped with everything they need to get the job done, so it isn’t much you’ll have to worry about on your end. Keep in mind the things we've mentioned above, and you should be good to go. If you are looking for a professional mobile groomer for your dog’s next grooming session, check out our app

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