7 dapper hairstyles for your poodle
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7 dapper hairstyles for your poodle

Your poodle is an elegant dog that deserves to be taken care of with impeccable style. The poodle's coat is its most distinguishing feature, and it's essential to keep it looking its best. Grooming is key, and a good haircut can make all the difference! As your dog's fur grows out, it can become tangled and unruly, making for a frustrating appearance.

Your poodle is an elegant dog that deserves to be taken care of with impeccable style. The poodle's coat is its most distinguishing feature, and it's essential to keep it looking its best. Grooming is key, and a good haircut can make all the difference! As your dog's fur grows out, it can become tangled and unruly, making for a frustrating appearance.

There are many different styles of haircuts a poodle can have, and it can be tough to decide which one is right for your pup. It can be hard to know where to start with so many options available. Don't worry; we're here to help! 

In this article, we'll take a look at seven trendy hairstyles your poodle can rock on his walk.

1. The Lion Cut

Let's start with one of the most popular poodle haircuts of all, the lion cut. Sometimes referred to as the "puppy cut," this hairstyle takes advantage of your poodle's long fur to give them a mane-like appearance. The hair on the sides and back of your dog’s head is trimmed short, while the hair on the top is left long.

The dog's limbs are left hairless, except for a pompom around the tail, front and rear paws. A perfect look for poodles who want to show off their luxurious locks! This hairstyle will last a while since the short hairs on your poodle's face and body will help prevent matting. You should still brush your pup regularly to keep his coat clean and healthy!

2. The Puppy Cut

Another popular haircut for poodles and other small dogs like the Yorkshire Terriers is the "puppy cut." All of the hair on your poodle's body is kept short in this style. While the fur looks a little longer around the face, the haircut mimics a human infant rather than a furry animal. With this cut, your pup will feel extra comfortable as he goes about his day!

While many owners opt for this style as it doesn't require as much maintenance as other cuts, it's easy to get tired of the same look over time. Your poodle will still need regular brushing to remove tangles and maintain his healthy coat.

3. Teddy Bear Cut

Do you love the look of a teddy bear? The teddy bear cut is another popular choice for poodle haircuts. It's an adorable style that looks kind of like your pup has a bushy mane! This technique leverages the poodle's tiny round eyes and creates the illusion of a furry face.

The hair should be cut uniformly at mid-length with a rounded shape to the top of the head. It's important not to cut the body fur too short, as we need the poodle's curls to be seen clearly for this cut.

The fur around your pup's paws is left untouched, so it appears thick and full, giving your poodle the appearance of having tiny bear paws! These cuts are extremely popular with older dogs who won't have to worry about frequent brushing or bathing.

4. Summer Cut

Although you want your poodle to look cute, you also want them to be comfortable! In the summer, it's hot and humid, and your pup will thank you for cutting his hair shorter. The summer cut is an excellent choice for those sweltering days.

In this style, all of the hair on your poodle's body is trimmed very short, except for a small tuft around the tail and large pompoms around the legs. Your dog’s ears will also be left long, as the hair on them will help keep cool air flowing around their head. This style is easy to maintain and will help your pup stay comfortable in the summer heat.

5. Dutch Cut

Known for its frequent appearance in dog shows, the dutch cut is a great choice for poodles that want a unique look. In this style, your dog’s hair is left long on the top of his head and shaved to mid-size on the sides. This creates a "Mohawk" look that is sure to turn heads! The tail can also be left long or cut short to complement your pup's look.

The face and paws are the only parts of the body shaved, so you get a little bit of extra grooming time! This cut requires regular brushing to keep your poodle's coat clean and tangle-free.

6. English Saddle Cut

The English saddle cut is a popular choice for poodles with longer coats. This haircut is similar to the dutch cut, but it explicitly leaves more hair on the top of your poodle's head. Another difference is an extra pompom on the end of your dog’s hind legs, and another pom pom rests on the tail.

The face and legs are also shaved, but a little more fur is left on the body to create an overall rounded look for this cut. This cut is great-looking but will require regular brushing and bathing to prevent mats from forming.

7. Short Cut

This is a prevalent choice for poodles with shorter hair, as it is low-maintenance and easy to groom. In this style, all of the hair on your dog's body is trimmed short, except for the ears. The fur around his face and paws is also shaved short, giving your pup a clean, polished look.

This style is perfect for owners who want their dogs to look neat and tidy with minimal effort! Although this style doesn't require as much grooming as other styles, it's still necessary to brush your poodle regularly as the fur grows back.

Things To Know Before Grooming Your Poodle

Now that you know a little bit about the different types of poodle haircuts, there are a few things to keep in mind before you get started.

  • All poodles require regular brushing

Regardless of the style of haircut you choose. Brushing helps to remove excess hair and keep your poodle's coat healthy. It also helps to stimulate blood flow to the skin, which is important for natural oil production.

  • Be sure to give your pup a good bath before grooming him,

It would be best to wash your dog too often, but bathing him before grooming will help remove loose fur and leave your poodle's coat soft and shiny. A lot of groomers also recommend giving your pup a good brush after bathing to remove any excess hair, as it can clog drains or just be tough to clean up.

  • Grooming should be a fun experience for your dog

Please don't force your poodle to do anything they don't want to! Teaching them that grooming is a positive, relaxing experience will help the process go by more quickly and smoothly.

  • Start grooming early

If your dog is still a puppy, it might be a good idea to introduce him to the grooming process early on. This will help him get used to the sights, sounds, and smells of a groomer's salon, and he'll be more likely to cooperate when it's time for his actual haircut.

What Is The Process For Grooming A Poodle?

We recommend sending your dog to a professional groomer for his haircut. This will ensure that your pup gets the best possible cut and that you don't accidentally cut him too short or leave any bald patches. Most groomers offer various services, so be sure to ask what they include in their price.

Generally, a groomer will begin by bathing your dog and then trimming his nails, cleaning his ears, and starting to cut the hair according to your specifications. The process will continue with a blow-dry, and then your pup will be ready for his final trim. Poodles are known to have a lot of hair, so it can take a long time to groom them completely. You should expect the process to take up to two hours or more.

How To Find A Qualified Groomer Near Me

You wouldn't let just anyone cut your hair, so you shouldn't let just anyone groom your dog either! You should consider many factors when choosing a groomer, including experience, pricing, and location.

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Poodles are a pretty high-maintenance breed when it comes to grooming. They have a lot of hair that needs regular attention and time-consuming maintenance. If you want your poodle to look his best, investing in a great haircut from a qualified groomer is key!

For an easy way to book quality grooming services at home, Pawsh is the best option for you. Just download our app, book an appointment, and sit back as we take care of your beloved poodle!

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