How To Identify and Address Groomer Burnout
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How To Identify and Address Groomer Burnout

Groomer burnout is affecting many people. Some know, some don't recognize. Burnout makes you feel exhausted and unmotivated to do even a simple task. It makes you unproductive in your work. However, when you identify causes and formulate solutions, as highlighted in this blog, you'll be able to get back on the fit.

Groomer burnout is real. Even experienced pet groomers will admit that they face this challenge at some point. So don't feel so guilty when you experience burnout in your work. This burnout results from the struggle to do everything to ensure that the pets are well maintained and comfortable.

You should know that even your loyal customer can go somewhere else if you fail to groom the dog appropriately. As much as you may have a history with the clients, maintaining that professionalism and job integrity is vital. That's why you should address and find a solution for burnout.


What is groomer burnout? Burnout brings frustration where someone gets irritated with minor issues. It's occupational stress resulting in lack of motivation, enthusiasm, exhaustion, and the feeling of ineffectiveness. However,  you can control burnout by finding a balance between your job and your personal life. That means that you also work smart, know your worth and use effective equipment in your grooming.

Signs of groomer burnout

Mentally and physically exhausted.

In this scenario, you even feel tired even without doing much. You feel your mind is exhausted, and you don't have the right mood to continue grooming. On some occasions, you may feel like you don't want to talk with anyone. All Pet groomers know how challenging this feeling can be, and at some point in your career, you; may face this type of exhaustion. 

Loss of passion

It's one of the ignorable and confusing signs of groomer burnout. You will realize that all of a sudden: you don't love grooming the pets anymore. When you attend to a pet, you're just doing it for money, and you don't even care much about the occupation. 

Feeling stuck alone in the job

At this point, you feel that no one understands what you're feeling inside. You probably take some time and play with the dog, but it still doesn't make you happy. You feel stressed, and even family friends don't comprehend your occupation.

Frustration over small issues

You may feel like everything that you do pisses you off. You'll realize that you get mad quickly; even when a dog makes a simple mistake, you yell and feel like beating it. That is a clear sign of burnout which is affecting many dog groomers.
Feeling that you don't even know how to groom

Even if you're an experienced groomer, you may feel like you forgot how to groom the dog. This burnout happens when you feel like you can't even fix a topknot appropriately. In the end, you're not even satisfied with your job.

Feeling helpless that you can't change anything

The feeling comes with the notion that you have responsibilities and bills to pay. You love pets, but you don't know how to change that feeling of helplessness. Burnout makes you feel like you have chosen the wrong career.

Loss of grooming interest

You start to groom the dogs in autopilot mode. Just wake up, go to the job, get it done, and leave. You don't even care anymore about your job. Every day is the same thing over and over again. This makes you feel like the job is not that important to you.

Lack of motivation of going to the job
You get to the job late without any reason or hindrance. On top of that, you are always hurrying to finish the job and go home. It's a feeling many dog groomers are struggling with without knowing.

Feeling overwhelmed

You feel like you have a lot of work to do, and it's like you'll never finish. Every time you groom one dog, you feel like you have attended to ten of them. You feel like you can't do the job anymore.

Feeling bored

You feel like the grooming job is not exciting as before. You feel like you need to change your career. You may also feel like the job is not worth your time. 

Causes of groomer burnout

Long working hours

Many pet groomers work up to 14 hours a day. That is without a break or lunch: the whole week. All this is to try to fit in their client's schedules and impress them. This may be the reason you've burnout.


You may be grooming too many dogs in a day for your reason. But probably to get enough funds to cater for your bills. When you need funds, you can't even say no to a client, and you have to work even if you are tired.

Grooming complicated or large dogs without help
You may experience burnout because you're grooming challenging dogs that even bite. And you don't have anyone to help you deal with the pets. With time you're starting to feel unmotivated to do the job.

Negative boss and co-worker's attitude

Negative and drama at the workplace can make you feel stressed up. Sometimes the boss pushes you to do something that you don't like. In the end, you feel wasted and frustrated.

Unsafe/Bad working conditions

Antiquated or old grooming equipment may do your job to be complicated. An example is dull scissors and blades that may complicate your work. Sometimes it's you having unsafe products that are even hazards. 

Stress at home

If you have a stressful occurrence at home, it will affect your job. Why? You will get frustrated attending to pets where the probability of making a mistake is high. When that happens, the dogs will react badly, adding more stress to you.
How to manage groomer burnout

Charge Your Worth

As an experienced groomer, you should know your worth. Charge according to your skills. There is no need to overwork yourself while you can't get what you deserve. The price should depend on the location, and it's recommendable to charge per hour to maximize profit. You should incorporate time, products, the electricity you use, and even VAT while billing a client.

Use effective products to be efficient

You should use products that speed up your prepping process. That is sourcing a quality product but must also be affordable. A good shampoo can save you extra time in drying a dog. When you do your calculations, you will notice that you're saving many hours in a day, making you efficient. It's one of the strategies used by smart pet groomers.

Use effective grooming tricks 

It's always recommendable for you to use grooming tricks learned in training and seminars. You should note that it's not cutting corners but using equipment to make your job easier and impressive to pet owners. That requires you to understand the need of every pet you attend to; to fully execute your tricks. An example of the scheme is five all over-attachment. Do an attachment three on the belly, on legs, and ears. This strategy works since these are areas of matting.

Be organized 

Smart pet groomers are fully prepared and organized to be efficient. That requires a groomer to delegate, prioritize the job, and know the risks.  Similarly, you must put everything in order by knowing what to do and how to do it—keeping time on every schedule and knowing the difference between what's urgent and what's important. Delegating critical jobs to team members while you resolve other issues. You'll not be overwhelmed or get stressed because of the job when you follow this strategy.

Good working environment

As an intelligent dog groomer, you must have a solid and effective team. Without a hardworking and goal-oriented team, you can go nowhere, especially when you have a lot of customers. Even though; there are bad and good days, it is essential to have a team that can appropriately adapt to any situation. When there is positivity, the environment for working becomes conducive. 

Use good equipment

Investing in appropriate equipment is vital for your efficiency. You will not be productive when you've old and outdated equipment that is difficult to use. Buy good blasters, dryers, tables, and even grooming products. You will enjoy a swift and smooth job experience when you do so.

Set your own rules and follow them

Create guidelines that will make your job easier. The rules should protect you against manipulative customers and make your job organized. Don't just make rules; follow them to the latter. If you follow some and leave the rest, you won't be successful. Even if you're broke, don't accept payment that lowers your brand. Also, do your job to be outstanding and crave perfection. The process will help attract high-end customers that pay well.


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