What are the best apps and marketplaces for finding dog groomers?
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What are the best apps and marketplaces for finding dog groomers?

Dog owners these days are searching for the best possible groomer for their canine companions. The professional groomer they hire needs to be skilled at taking care of your Fido’s needs. It’s crucial to ensure that they can handle everything you need of them and know what your particular breed of dog needs to ensure a healthy cleaning. 

Dog owners these days are searching for the best possible groomer for their canine companions. The professional groomer they hire needs to be skilled at taking care of your Fido’s needs. It’s crucial to ensure that they can handle everything you need of them and know what your particular breed of dog needs to ensure a healthy cleaning. 

While there are many groomers to be found online, not everyone you locate through a search engine or social media network is going to be a legitimate dog groomer. If anything, most people these days can become pet groomers without needing to get any certification or license. The reason for this is due to there being no existing regulations n place in any state. That alone should be enough for you to be cautious in handing over your dog to a total stranger. 

That right, anyone could technically sell themselves as a professional groomer and sell their services. The only way to know if they have the skills to backup their claims is by the reviews of previous customers. Or, you could rely on the services of marketplaces and apps that help groomers be discovered by customers. These apps and marketplaces tend to vet the people that apply for their listings, so you can expect to find someone who is legitimate that their skills as a dog groomer.

For that reason, we’ve decided to provide you with a list of some of the best apps and marketplaces to find a professional dog groomer near you. 


Traditional pet grooming is known for being stressful on not only the dog but its owner as well. Dog’s tend to become anxious over traveling to unfamiliar places and can spend hours at a grooming salon during these sessions. However, it can be challenging for dog owners to find a professional dog groomer who is willing to travel to groom a dog in the comfort of their home. In-home grooming has become a growing trend among dog owners, and Pawsh has stepped up to provide a way for dog owners to find a professional groomer near them. 

Our app was created to provide dog owners with a fast, convenient, at-home service. We connect you with some of the top-rated and vetted professional dog groomers that come directly to our home for a splendid grooming session. We do everything to ensure that our services place your pet’s health and care first. 

First off, we handpick and vet every groomer that becomes a part of our marketplace. Our app also provides you with the groomer's past grooming experiences, stories, reviews, and plenty more in a single location. Since there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all when it comes to grooming, our grooming sessions have been customized by our grooming experts to best fit your dog’s needs. Our app also allows you to pay, tip, and rebook effortlessly. No wallet is required, making it fast and efficient. 

Pawsh was created by a team of professional dog lovers. Our mission is to provide you only the best possible service but provide your canine pal with the unconditional love they deserve. We have made it our mission to make the whole experience of grooming easy for you and your dog. 


Groomit is another app that has appeared on the scene to help dog owners connect with professional pet stylists. The company initially established itself in New York but has successfully managed to expand throughout other major metro cities in the past few years. The company has acquired over 20,000+ registered users over the years and an extensive network filled with 50+ professional groomers. 

The app gives you the option to choose between in-home groomers or mobile groomers. All you have to do is select one of their three grooming packages for your dog. You can then personalize the experience by choosing the options that best suit your dog’s needs. From organic shampoos to colognes and so on. The booking is seamless and allows you to pick a schedule for an in-home or mobile pet grooming appointment for when it’s most convenient for you. 

AKC Marketplace

The American Kennel Club is one of the oldest organizations around. It was initially founded in 1884 as a registry for purebred dog pedigree and since then managed to expand its influence through various parts of the pet industry. The AKC Marketplace for Groomers was established to help dog owners find the best care for their dogs by connecting them with trusted groomers and grooming salons that provide the best possible care. 

All of the groomers listed with AKC Marketplace need to provide a comprehensive list of services to assist dog owners in finding what they are looking for. It also provides a detailed profile of the groomer or salon’s training, certifications, experience, and hours of operation. Additionally, you can contact any of these dog groomers directly to make inquiries about their services. The groomers who participated in the AKC S.A.F.E (Safety, Assurance, Fundamental, and Education) Grooming program is highlighted with badge icons on their listing. 

The AKC also takes the time to perform inspections at AKC S.A.F.E salons. Program members are fully committed to following the AKC’s safety and care requirements. These professional dog groomers have made an agreement with AKC to be inspected at any time and have an emergency plan in place for their salon. 

AKC Marketplace is easy to navigate. All you need to do is choose the type of service, enter your geological information, and the distance between your location. You’ll be provided with a massive list of professional dog groomers in your area. 


BringFido is one of the world’s most popular pet travel and lifestyle brands. The website and mobile app have managed to connect millions of power owners from around the world and have provided many services. They allow dog owners to seamlessly compare and book with thousands of pet-friendly businesses directly from the app. Their marketplace has become a host for plenty of professional dog groomers. You can read through the reviews left by past customers to see if the groomer is skilled enough to handle your canine friend. Directions and personal websites are also linked to the page on Fido. 

Aside from groomer professionals, the site also provides other types of services that any dog owner may enjoy. Their marketplace encompasses the whole world, so you’re likely to find a groomer in any location you are, regardless of where you are traveling.


Care.com is one of the most comprehensive online destinations for anything related to care. The marketplace has managed to connect people with all sorts of caregivers and caring companies that help them be there for the ones they love. Since dogs are known for being a part of the family, Care.com expanded its services to provide a section for professional dog groomers. 

The digital platform offers a simple, comprehensive solution for users to find, manage, and pay for any professional services. The marketplace is easy to use. All you need to do is create an account to get started on your search for a dog groomer. You’ll be able to review the professional drog groomer’s profile and message them to inquire about their services or anything else you may see fit. 

When you do find a match, you can interview them, check their references, and hire them if they are the ones you are looking to take care of your canine pal. The marketplace provides you with a variety of filters that enable you to narrow down the type of groomer you are looking for in your area. From the services you need to the price and experience you want them to have. 


If you’ve been a dog owner long enough, then you're likely familiar with Petco. They are a health and wellness company that provides all sorts of pet products and services, along with certain types of live animals for adoption. Petco has created a marketplace for dog groomers that enables them to choose a customized grooming service for their pets. The marketplace offers you a wide range of services, from breed-specific haircuts to baths for every possible breed out there. 

The customized packaging allows you to choose specific services, such as flea cleansing, shed release, moisturization for dry skin, and more. They also help care for your dog’s essential nails, such as nail trimming, teeth-brushing, and gland expression. The groomers on their marketplace have all completed a 20-week, 800-hour course for certification, so you will be leaving your furry friend in the hands of a true professional. 

Booking a grooming appointment is easy and can be done either online or through their mobile application. Using the mobile app allows you to unlock some perks and bonuses, such as free food or grooming services. 


PetSmart is another company that provides several services, from selling pet products to small pets and so forth. It’s become one of the leading companies in the pet industry and is a direct competitor to Petco. Dog grooming is just one of the many services they provide, making them another viable marketplace for our growing list of places to find dog groomers. 

PetSmart’s professional groomers go through rigorous training to ensure they can make their client's dogs look fantastic. Their grooming salons employ professional stylists who have over 800 hours of training and six months of apprenticeship. You won’t have to worry about handing your friend over to someone who is not certified in any way to groom a dog. Scheduling an appointment will usually include full-service grooming and bath, while walk-in services can accommodate nail trimming, nail grinding, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, trimming, de-matting and services. 

They also have an express service feature that offers an uninterrupted salon service that limits the amount of time your dog needs to spend at their salon. PetSmart has over 1,500 locations that offer grooming and bathing services for dog owners, so you’ll likely find one near you. The groomers also use the latest technology available to them, including the exclusive state-of-the-art Hydrosurge BathPro 9.0.

Pet Groomer Finder

Pet Groomer Finder was created to connect dog owners with the right people who provide them with the care they need. PGF's mission is to become a one-of-a-kind platform that connects dog owners and dog groomers seamlessly. People these days are too busy to take care of their pups, so Pet Groomer Finder is establishing a space where owners can seamlessly search for groomers and schedule appointments online. In turn, groomers are given the ability to customize their booking options and tailor the features to their businesses. 

PGF has created its marketplace to be the number one place for dog owners to find the nearest dog groomer in their location. Everything on the site was developed to exclusively help those in the pet grooming industry. All of the features built on the platform are intended to meet the unique needs of dog owners and dog groomers. You won’t have to worry about dealing with distractions from other industries. It’s a convenient place to find a local groomer, developing lasting relationships, and promoting health and wellness for dogs. 

PGF is pretty easy to pick up and only requires a quick sign-up. Once done, you can search for groomers near you and take a look at their profiles. You’ll get a massive list of groomers that are based in your area and a way to contact them. You can book an appointment right from the website or give them a call when you need to inquire about their specific services. Reviews of these groomers are also available before requesting an appointment and submitting your review.  


Our dogs deserve the best possible care they deserve, and finding a groomer that meets their needs is critical to accomplishing this feat. Each of these apps and marketplaces provide something different, so it will be up to you which of them can meet your needs. Look through each of them carefully and find yourself a professional who can spruce up your dog and leave them looking fresh. 

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